Welcome to the first step in empowering yourselves for your adventure ahead. Knowledge is power (only as much power as your baby decides you can have of course!)

How pregnant should you be? I recommend between 28 weeks onwards.
Where? Online via Zoom for anyone.
When? Mostly in the evenings and arranged on an individual basis to suit you. Most of the sessions vary in length, everything is explained below.
What? There's a range, so you choose what suits you.
How? I want you to enjoy learning as much as I love educating, so sessions will be relaxed and informal. Nothing will be deemed as a 'silly question' I promise. 
Who? Pregnant person (of course) Birth partners too, in whichever form that may be, are encouraged to attend so you can prepare for the journey together. Extra birth partners can be accommodated for at an extra cost. The classes can also be taken by yourself.
How much? The prices are for up to 2 people- message me for individual situations where more than two of you want to attend the course.
You will receive detailed emailed information after the sessions, including a birth preferences template and hospital bag list, so you can look back and remember what you've learnt. I'll also be on (email) hand for support once you've had your baby. 

The Full Works

Live via Zoom £250 

This is a 4 session course aimed mostly at people having their first baby. Each session will be roughly 2-2.5 hours long.

Week1- late pregnancy and all things birth. You'll learn the different phases of labour, how to cope at home, when to go to hospital, breathing techniques, pain relief, care from midwives, the placenta, tears and more.

Week 2- what to expect if things don't quite go to plan in labour and how to still have a positive experience. 

Week 3- feeding with a breastfeeding focus and mental health.

Week 4- the first weeks with your newborn including nappy changing, bathing, dressing, sleeping, managing visitors, self-care and leaving the house for the first time.

The Refresher

Live via Zoom £130

A 2 week course aimed at people who have already had a baby. Each session will be 2-2.5 hours long.

Week 1- labour and birth. This can be completely tailor-made for you with you deciding what the focus is, which will most likely relate to your previous birth experience. 

Week 2- Feeding with a breastfeeding focus and looking after your newborn.

Specific Birth Planning

Live via Zoom £75

I have worked in a hospital setting for a long time and work alongside all the health professionals that will care for you. This specific birth planning session could be suitable for you if: 

  • You have specific wants and needs and would like guidance on how to formulate your birth preferences.

  • Your birth didn't go to plan last time and you would like guidance on how to approach your subsequent birth. I can give some insight into your previous experience and help you move forward for this birth by going through your birth preferences. 

Drop me a line to ask further questions about this service to see if it's suitable for you.   


Just the feeding

Live via Zoom £75

This is a one-off breastfeeding session lasting 1.5-2  hours. This can be for anyone and tailored to your specific needs.

 Video call postnatal breastfeeding support

Live via Zoom £60

Live via Zoom with email follow up £75

I'm here for you in the postnatal period too. I can provide help and information with breastfeeding once your baby is here.

This is helpful for anyone breastfeeding during Covid-19 times as I know face to face visits are very few in the initial newborn period at the moment. 

We can do a video call, ideally someone will be with you, so you can get the best angles for me to see the baby on the breast, and then we can go from there. We'll get that baby latching in no time!

It doesn't matter if you're confident with the latch, I can answer any questions around feeding.

Mother Baby Bonding