Why choose me?

Hello! I live in Walthamstow with my husband and young son. I am a practising midwife in an East London hospital with 13 years experience and I am truly fascinated by the process of pregnancy and birth. 

I've been a midwife on a labour ward, birth centre, postnatal ward and for the last 7 years, I have been a home birth midwife. Working in such an ethnically and socially diverse part of London has exposed me to many different approaches to pregnancy, but they all have one thing in common- the need for guidance.

Over the years I've changed how I approach teaching and I get so much joy out of educating, however brief that interaction may be. I regularly taught the hospital antenatal classes, but I wanted to give a more personalised experience.

I've been where you are right now- searching for information on what's ahead, so I'm here to help you! I'm a mama and want to share my years of personal experience. 

Why my classes over someone else's? What is the ethos of Honest Birth?

Over the years I have noticed a common theme in feedback about antenatal classes from couples; if the birth didn't go as planned they felt they had failed, or, were unprepared for anything after the birth.  

  • I offer honest, open, evidence-based information with the classes being split 50/50 about labour + birth and the initial newborn period. I am not here to poo poo (!) any other antenatal teaching methods, but have a balanced approach to offer.

  • I want to support, educate and empower expectant parents and give an insight into what is ahead of them. 

  • I'll also be on (email) hand for support once your baby is born. 

I really believe that learning about this wonderful process gives you a coping mechanism for the coming months.