Personalised online classes

Hello and welcome! Educating yourselves is the best thing you can do for your exciting journey ahead, so you've come to the right place. Do you want something different from the standard group antenatal classes available? I am here to offer you my professional and personal knowledge in your own environment, with honest information so you are fully prepared for the realities of labour, birth and the hazy newborn days. 

All of my classes are 1:1 and personalised to you. Currently, in view of Covid-19, all classes are live and online via Zoom. This means anyone, anywhere can access them.

If you would like to do the classes with another couple that you know, then we can organise a group online class.


Midwife-led, online,
one to one antenatal classes in the UK

Honest and realistic information provided by a practising midwife.
Welcome, you've come to the right place

About Me

My name is Cate and I currently practice as a midwife in East London, with 13 years of experience in both home and hospital settings. I have become more passionate about empowering women and families with honest information as the years go by. My birth did not stick with my original preferences, but with the full support of my husband, friends, midwives, doctors and my body, I had a wonderful experience and felt respected at every turn. The experience of having my own son and those first whirlwind days drove me to start Honest Birth, aiming to educate people to feel empowered for the journey ahead.


My Services

The joy of one to one classes is that I tailor them to make sure we cover what is important to you. 
Don't want pre-recorded classes? Too late for other classes? Do you have a complicated pregnancy?  Is this your first baby? Have you had a baby before? Just need a refresher? Just want to learn about breastfeeding? Do you need advice breastfeeding now your baby is here? 
Great, you've come to the right place.

We were lucky enough to meet Cate in my 1st pregnancy. She candidly offered invaluable support and guidance. Her knowledge and experience gave us the confidence to make decisions we were struggling to make alone. Her passion for educating shines through and she really helped us to feel prepared for all things birth and early parenthood.  

Cate is a very special birth worker. She gives practical, knowledgeable advice based on truth and her years of midwifery experience. She empowered me to believe I could achieve the birth I hoped for and supported us in a nurturing, gentle way through the whole process. 

Yours is the only face I recognize.
Bone at my bone, you drink my answers in. 

Anne Sexton 

Father with Newborn Baby